About the Designer

As long as I can remember, I have been intrigued by design.  From the angles and details of old architectural buildings,  gorgeous fashion each season, and delicate hues of nature. I have dreamt of making a collection that includes all these things. 

"I am a designer that has evolved with time and it is my time to display my art."

We all have it in us... The need to create, curiosity, passion and the desire to leave a legacy.  

Some of us begin when we are children, creating works of art in school; some of us master our craft in college, and then there are some of us who evolve as adults and finally fulfill our need to create something that brings together both our individuality and creations to fruition.  The success of creating our visions and the love of seeing someone else enjoy that creation is worth all the hours.      

My past is a worldwind of  many paths including years as a horse trainer, manager of a high end fashion store, sales & marketing, licensed skin care specialist and mother.

My wish is to share my designs with you in hopes that you'll be inspired to share your own story with confidence and a touch of allure.  Wishing you to feel beautiful, classic and intriguing.

Join the VIP Mailing List to see the newest designs.  If you are in Southern California, send me a message to be added to the VIP Guest list for the next Cassiano Designs' Trunk Showcase. 

Warm regards,

Janelle Cassiano

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