I'm still creating...

My part and thoughts during "safer at home." 

I'm really happy to share that I've been able to comply with California’s current regulations and doing my part, staying at home for my family's health and to help lower the curve around me.  Working from my home studio is my standard, but during this uncertain time, I think we all are having to adjust and are all finding a temporary daily norm.  

I will continue to create jewelry with the purpose of designing and making you classic jewelry that adds happiness to your daily accessorizing, as well, be here to help you with special occasions by offering jewelry that is beautiful and meaningful gifts you give to the women in your world. 


Ordering, Production & temporary adjustments: 

To ensure the safety of my customers, I’ve taken the following steps: 

  • Additional hand washing and sanitizing precautions

  • Making conscious purchasing decisions of supplies and stock 

 Cassia collection, sterling silver jewelry

If you place an order, how will your order delivery time be effected?

While I can't see my beautiful customers face-to-face, shopping online via my website is easy and always convenient. Some adjustments have had to be made, so please be aware of the following changes:

  • My production time may be a little longer.  I will email if your order will be delayed a couple of days.  

  • Some options or designs might be temporarily unavailable.  I have not had this issue yet, however, some of my stock is getting low, and some of my supply sources have stopped production or are delayed in shipping.  I will email you about your order, only if needed.


What about shipping?

Like most companies, I can’t control who touches the shipping boxes after I've mailed your package. However, our postal service members in the US are wearing gloves and taking every precaution as they've been instructed to do, but to be safe, you should immediately recycle or throw away your packaging once it’s opened and then wash your hands. 


Additional thoughts....

As with everyone's schedules, almost everything I'd been planning has been cancelled for the next month or longer. Like me, I imagine you're missing the connection and engagement we normally have while out running errands, chatting with neighbors, friends, other parents and even the sound of gathered voices.   The social aspect of our lives is something I think we all need and I will be more grateful for it in the future.  Please stay safe, healthy, smart & positive. ❤  



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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at hello@casssianodesigns.com