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Men's Gift Box H - Magical Season Collection


Magical Gift Box H

25 boxes available


1 Rory Key ring - Viking compass design
1 Luca leather Bracelet 
1 Body Oil roller - Men's Blend

Wrapped with love & joy with a special selection of ribbons and gift tags and mailed via Priority USPS shipping.



⚜️ The Rory Key ring features a vergvisir, also known as the Viking compass or Nordic compass, that is made up of eight Viking rune staves, and is a symbol of protection and guidance. 

The key ring is handcrafted with a Sterling Silver charm and bale connect to a Stainless Steel ring.  The ring is 33mm round and will hold your key fob and additional keys easily without being bulky.   

  • Unique Viking compass design
  • Ring: 33mm round
  • Sturdy & lightweight 


    ⚜️ The Men's Body Oil Blend is a combination of: 

    DigestZen - Digestion Blend

    This Doterra custom oil blend is wonderful for several things and is easily applied with the roller to neck or to a targeted area to then massage. 

    Support for:  Pain ~ Inflammation ~ Headache ~ Tension ~ Digestion

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