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Joann Necklace

Joann Necklace

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The Joann Necklace is a meaningful design featuring a 3D sacred heart design, with a beaded border.  

Both hearts are aflame, but the Sacred Heart's burning love is directed toward humanity.   The human heart has long been a symbol of love. Some believe it is viewed as the source of all human activity—intellectual and emotional. It has also metaphorically symbolized the center of things, such as the heart of a relationship or the heart of a city. It could also represent the character of a person, such as describing someone as having a good heart. 

In Roman Catholicism, the “Sacred” Heart equates to God’s love and His saving grace.  It is a love that is more than a feeling.  His is a love that is willing to sacrifice; it is not just sentimental but he is willing to give himself totally because he loves.  Look at the crown of thorns.  The thorns remind us of our little difficulties, those little unpleasant events.  But love bears it; love more than bears it because it knows that this is part of loving.

Available in Silver or mixed-metal.  


-   Handcrafted from the finest .925 Sterling Silver & 14k Goldfilled 

  • Unique design
  • Heart size: 24.8x11.5mm 
  • Length: 24"
  • Hook & Eye closure 
  • Sacred Heart pendant made in Italy
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