Jewelry Care Guide

Cassiano Designs Jewelry is made with quality materials.   We use .925 Sterling Silver, 14k, 18k & 24K vermeil, and Gold-filled metal to create our jewelry designs.   We encourage you to enjoy your jewelry, but take good care of it by following the tips below so you can enjoy your jewelry for many years!

  • Chlorinated water in swimming pools will 'oxidize' and blacken your jewelry, which can be hard or even impossible to remove, and the cleaning process can alter the finish of your jewelry irreversibly.
  • Keep your jewelry away from prolonged contact with water, as well as household chemicals, perfumes and hairsprays.
  • Avoid wearing your jewelry while working out, jogging, taking part in strenuous activities, manual labor, and situations, etc.
  • Avoid situations where the jewelry can get banged/scraped. Wear with your other jewelry pieces but note that some pieces can be scratched by larger or heavy jewelry.
  • The Gold vermeil on Cassiano jewelry is gold plating over sterling silver.  Gold vermeil is far more durable than regular gold plated options and can last for years. However, if worn continuously and dependent on care, the gold plate can start to wear away. Typically you'll see this on the bottom of the rings after 6 months.  We recommend similar care tips as with sterling silver. Vermeil is hypoallergenic and good for all skin types. 




Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is a fantastic metal that lasts for decades.  The metal is durable but does tarnish over time if it is left unprotected and unpolished. It can be polished using a soft dry cloth. The best result is achieved by using an impregnated silver polishing cloth.  Polishing cloths can be used to restore the shine of silver, by gently wiping.

Tarnish is the reaction of silver to compounds of sulphur in the air which create silver sulfide and causes the silver to go grey/black. If the silver is left in this condition for years, it may need to be professionally cleaned.  If jewelry is stored in a jewelry box it often tarnishes as most boxes are not completely air-tight. It is recommended that once the jewelry is clean, it is stored in a cool, dry place and most importantly in an air-tight grip-seal plastic bag preventing it from reacting with the Sulphur in the air. Each piece of jewelry is best kept in its own bag to prevent the stones from scratching. 


Cassiano Designs offers two polishing cloths in the Shop. 

One for Silver, One for Gold.


We also recommend the use of Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes on our jewelry.  These can be used for both Sterling and Gold jewelry and they are dry disposable wipes.  Another product we like for Sterling only is liquid cleaning solution called Connoisseurs Silver Cleaning Solution. It is specific for Sterling Silver Only and works fantastic.  A quick 10 second dip, rinse good with water, dry completely and it is sparkling again.  We are not affiliated with Connoisseurs, nor do we guarantee.  Connoisseurs can be found at most Bed, Bath & Beyond and retail stores. 

Quick note from our experience: You should not leave the jewelry in the liquid solution more than 20 seconds as it is a very strong chemical and will start to leave a film on the jewelry metal.  Always stay with your jewelry and take out of the solution before you walk away! :)   


Gold Pieces

To keep your 14k, 18k, 24k vermeil & Gold-filled jewelry sparkling, it can be washed in warm sudsy water and a mild dish-washing liquid. Gently pat dry with a soft towel afterwards. You can also use a polishing cloth to restore the shine.  Please do not use acid based cleaning solutions not manufactured for gold jewelry, as these products will strip away a thin layer of your gold filled metal and leaving it irreversibly duller.