Andrina Collection ~ Namaste

The Andrina Collection encompasses inspirations from ancient yoga and meditation, blended with Cassiano Designs’ classic signature style. Each piece brings balance, inner peace and the connection between mind, body and spirit.

All designs are made with the highest quality of sterling silver and gold, incorporating powerful and beautiful stones.  They will be treasured pieces and meaningful additions to your jewelry collection.

Andrina Collection ~ Namaste
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Haley Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Haley Necklace
Alara Ring - Cassiano Designs
Alara Ring
Leena Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Anaya Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Anaya Necklace
Anika Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Anika Necklace
Aisha Errings - Cassiano Designs
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Aisha Errings
Padma Necklace
Padma Necklace
Kareena Earrings
Tamira Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Mayra Necklace
Marla Necklace
Marla Necklace
Padma Bracelet - Cassiano Designs
Padma Earrings - Cassiano Designs
Levana Necklace
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