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Stella Collection

Sweet summertime!  It's that lovely time of the year that the sun wraps you in warm sun-rays, cool afternoon breezes and road trip adventures.  The Stella Collection is a mix of versatile pieces for everyday to getaways!  You are sure to find a few favorites!  

Stella Collection
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Jessa Necklace
Jessa Necklace
Finley Earrings - Cassiano Designs
Finley Earrings
Kaia Necklace
Kaia Necklace
Hattie Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Hattie Necklace
Mirsada Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Mirsada Necklace
Cassiano Designs Lily Earrings
Lily Earrings
Shae Earrings - Cassiano Designs
Shae Earrings
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