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The Jacqueline Collection

As we transition into the Fall season, a warm cup of tea or our favorite coffee each morning is a must!  As we welcome in a change of wardrobe, we can't wait to pull out our comfy sweaters, scarves and of course, our favorite pair of boots!

As the designer, I’ve enjoyed putting this collection together with you in mind. It’s everything a girl could want! From sparkling silver and gold, to gorgeous white and silvery-grey pearls. These shades and textures add such beautiful details and life to each design. When classic jewelry comes to my mind, I can’t help but think of Jackie Kennedy. She inspired several designs in this new collection. 

You will find the new Jacqueline Collection reflects a warm, crisp and timeless vibe!  It’s a classic collection filled with lovely designs to finish your stylish & cozy Fall looks! 

With the season of gifting coming soon... you will also find several designs to give as a perfect gift for those special women in your life. 

"And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened." -Raquel Franco

The Jacqueline Collection
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Marilena Earrings - Cassiano Designs
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Marilena Earrings
Marilena Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Marilena Necklace
Marilena Bracelet - Cassiano Designs
Marilena Bracelet
Rory Earrings
Rory Earrings
Madison Bracelet - Cassiano Designs
Madison Bracelet
Marie Bracelet - Cassiano Designs
Marie Bracelet
Marie Earrings - Cassiano Designs
Marie Earrings
Lisette Earrings - Cassiano Designs
Lisette Earrings
Josephine Ring - Cassiano Designs
Josephine Ring
Candace Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Candace Necklace
Madison Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Madison Necklace
Nathalie Necklace - Cassiano Designs
Nathalie Necklace
Lydia Ring - Cassiano Designs
Lydia Ring
Gift Cards - Cassiano Designs
Gift Cards
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