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Gold Cleaning & Polishing Cloth

Gold Cleaning & Polishing Cloth

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Keep your Gold pieces bright with this cleaning and polishing cloth set by Selvyt®.

Stitched together along one side, this DUO cloth offers two cloths in one: a Selvyt JC cloth and a Selvyt SR cloth.

This Selvyt® JC cleaning cloth, made from 100% cotton with rouge polishing compound, and is ideal for removing dirt and grime from gold —a perfect first step when these materials need a thorough cleaning and polishing. After cleaning with this rouge cloth, give the metal a final polish using a Selvyt SR polishing cloth.

The Selvyt® SR cloth, cut from woven, unbleached cotton, delivers lint-free polishing; its raised surface lifts particles from the metal surface, leaving a clean, polished finish. This cloth is just the thing for maintaining that extra gleam on sample lines and showcase items.


The cloth should not be washed; washing will remove much of the anti-tarnish agent from the cloth, reducing its effectiveness.

Measures 11" x 9" 

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